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 Avon Care Fairness Face Wash..

Avon Care Fairness Face Wash

Avon Care Fairness Face Wash


Claims of the Product:

Avon Care fairness face wash effectively cleanses up dirt, excess oils and lipids without over drying the skin, leaving skin clean, refreshed, soft & smooth with glow. Formulated with Licorice extract. Gentle to the skin. Suitable for everyday use. Allergy tested. Dermatologist tested.


Usage directions:

Apply desired amount onto wet hands & create lather. Gently smooth onto face in circular motion. Rinse& pat dry.


Key Ingredient(s):

Licorice extract


Shelf life:

Not mentioned


Price and quantity:

Rs.65 for 50g



This product comes in a white with pink coloured plastic tube with a blue coloured flip type cap. The packaging looks good, simple and becomes travel friendly to use due to the sturdy fitting flip cap.


Colour, Consistency, Fragrance & Texture:

It has a thick consistency and a gel based transparent texture. The face wash is smooth, gliding with a pleasant fruit fragrance.

How it works:

This face wash lathers well, removes all the dirt, oiliness and daily makeup residues well leaving the skin fresh and soft. While compared to the other face washes it leaves skin a bit more bright and yes it helps in evening out the skin with regular usage. The fruit fragrance lingers on for a while and then disappears. Skin feels clean, clear and soft after every usage; not dry of course. It doesn’t hurt, irritate or break out skin but completely it is gentle and soft so that can also be used by sensitive skin types. The price is cheap for the worth and hence this face wash is definitely worth a try!


What we love about the product:

  • Transparent and clear consistency

  • Smooth and gliding texture

  • The fruit-like fragrance is pleasant and refreshing

  • Lathers enough for a wash

  • Suits almost every skin type

  • Clears out the oiliness, grime and makeup very residues well

  • Does leaves skin soft, smooth and bright instantly

  • Evens out skin tone with regular usage

  • Doesn’t dry out skin, but you need a moisturizer though

  • Gentle enough to work on sensitive skin types

  • Dirt cheap price

  • Cute and travel friendly packaging; the flip cap makes it easy to use


What we think turns us off:

  • If you’re expecting quick whitening results then this product might not work. That can’t be taken as a con for the price and other qualities though


Rating: 7/10


Would we repeat? :

Of course yes! The product is gentle but still effective in cleansing with its sweet fruity fragrance.



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