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 Chambor Silver Shadow Compact..

Chambor Silver Shadow Compact

Product Description:

A compact is a must have for all women of today. Chambor brings to you Silver Shadow - a magical compact powder which will give you the flawless finish required in a jiffy. Chambor Silver Shadow is made up of Translucent Loose Powder which has excellent blending ability, smooth application & a silky after feel. Also acts like a perfect base and gives you a healthy look.

Ingredients: Vitamin A & E

  • Gives a matte finish

  • Allows make up to stay longer

  • Fresh look in 2 minutes

  • Hides minor skin blemishes

  • Convenient to carry

  • Water resistant – Long Lasting

  • Non-Comodogenic

  • No animal ingredients

  • Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested



Not mentioned


Price and Quantity:

Rs.725 for 16g (Plus 16g refill pack free) 32g totally


Shelf life: 3 years



This product comes in a classy, flip type blue coloured compact case with silver finish. The product looks very attractive. A cotton puff applicator and an in built mirror come along with this product.


Colour & Texture pigmentation:





It lasts well on the facial skin for 6 hours and after that a touch up is needed for whole day freshness.


Experience with this product:

This is an attractively packed, smooth and silky compact from Chambor that every girl should try. It goes smooth on the skin giving medium coverage hiding those minor flaws and small spots. Skin feels radiant, glowing and fresh all the day without the need of much touch ups. This compact doesn’t make skin ‘whitish’ or ‘cakey’ but gives a glowing natural finish. The price might be on little expensive side, but this would surely take the ‘HG’ place in many girls makeup case. A single case is of 16g and they also provide a refill pack of another 16 g which will take 1-2 years to get finished off, hence the price can be taken as a con at all. Overall, this is one of the best compacts available to try.


What we love about the product:

  • Silky smooth texture

  • Blends onto the skin well without any patchy feel

  • Adds that natural radiance instantly without looking OTT

  • Doesn’t makes skin whitish or cakey, but just gives a nice glow

  • Stays for a long time

  • Can be used by all skin types

  • Doesn’t cause any breakouts or other such side effects

  • Comes in a classy, attractive case

  • The puff and an inbuilt mirror provided are of good quality

  • They provide a very huge quantity of 32 g!

  • Good number of shades available


What we think turns us off:

  • Price might be expensive; it would be nice if the product comes in some 8g small case for lesser price

  • You need a better applicator for good coverage


Rating: 9/10


Would we repeat? :

Yes of course! This product could replace many of your HG compacts.


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