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 Lakme Earth Rose Blush Trio..

Lakme Earth Rose Blush Trio


Product Description:

A palette of complementing earthy shades that are super easy to apply and perfectly buildable. The silky smooth highly pigmented formula allows for effortless, uniform application blending in easily for a gorgeous  glow. The three shades complement each other, to create endless options for defining, highlighting and accentuating features.



Not mentioned


Price and Quantity:

Rs.600 for 13.5g


Shelf life: Not mentioned



This trio blush is packed in a sturdy, maroon compact case with a transparent top lid. The patterning of the shades itself makes the product look cute and classy. This product is safe to travel, hygienic to use and of course handy too.


Colour & Texture pigmentation:

This particular product has 3 different shades in it but they haven’t named it.

One is a deep brown colour, one is pinkish peach and another one is soft warm beige for highlighting. These shades have subtle shimmers that make it suitable for everyday wear.

Longevity: It lasts well on the cheeks for 6+ hours.


Experience with this product:

This single product has 3 shades in it, which are smooth, easily gliding and soft. They go smooth on your cheek areas and blends well without being blotchy or patchy. You can wear every shade as single or even mix them up to blush your cheeks everyday. The warm beige shade can do best as a cheek bone highlighter. The staying power of these shades is good as well. For Rs.600, 13.5gm blush is really worthy to try! These gorgeous flattering shades look flattering in almost every Indian skin tone, so give a try without hesitation. There are no fallouts or creasing with these shades but the only con is that you might mix them up and make some mess if not carefully used. No girl can dislike this cute pattern, trio blush from Lakme.


What we love about the product:

  • Soft, Smooth and daily wearable shades

  • Blends onto the skin easily and evenly

  • Has a good staying power

  • These shades suit Indian skin tones very well

  • The shimmers are subtle and doesn’t look OTT

  • Cute patterning

  • The shades can be mixed and matched

  • Handy, hygienic and travel friendly packaging

  • Huge quantity for the price


What we think turns us off:

  • No mirror or applicator provided

  • Might be little expensive, they provide a good quantity though

  • The shades mix up and make a mess if used improperly


Rating: 8/10


Would we repeat? :

Yes! This is a must have blush in every Indian girl’s beauty case. The product is cute looking and has daily wearable trio shades.

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