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 Eye Makeup for office..

Eye Makeup for office

Eyes form a very important part of our personality and are first indicators of energy levels we bring in to the discussion or the job.

 For a regular office look, having the right kind of make-up opens up your eyes giving a more awake and attentive look, with overall brightening effect for the face too. The trick is to find the right level of make-up you can use to your advantage.


My steps for achieving that no-make-up look for the office include:


*    Ensure that eye-brows are well trimmed, it’s a good idea to visit the parlour every two weeks and make use of the tweezer /plucker for in betweens

*    Before starting the eye make-up, complete the base coat you use for make-up, may be a tinted moisturizer or moisturizer + compact

*    Start with applying the mascara, this is the most important step as it is the most determining factor while doing your eyes, remember to wipe of any excess mascara on the applicator this ensures a light coat.

*    Begin with the upper eye-lashes, starting from the center and working towards outside and then from the inner side of the lashes to the center. Take care to apply from the roots of the lashes on the eyelids, it’s the mascara closer to the roots gives volume, anything  towards the tips only gives away your secret.

*    You may or may not apply the mascara on the eyelashes, depends on the volume of eyelashes and how neatly do you apply on the lower eyelashes. Avoid any spots off the lashes, this helps keep the make-up subtle.

*    Avoid repeating the mascara on the eyelashes, instead wipe the applicator of any mascara and try to brush your lashes to have them better spread out.


*    To complete the make-up, use an eye-brow pencil to accentuate your eyebrows. Take care to apply only on the hair, the pencil should not leave any colour on the skin, apart from the end of your brows where you make use a little tail to give length to the eye-brows.

*    As the final step, use the eye-brow pencil or a fine kohl liner, to fill in the outer corners of the eyes this enhance the size of the eyes a bit.

*    Avoid eye-shadows for the office, if you can


Do take care that if you wear glasses, then you need to wear glasses after the make-up dries and if you wear lenses, put them on before starting with the make-up.

Though the look can be achieved by applying any mascara, it surely does your eyes a lot of good to invest in good quality product, my favourite being Estee-Lauder.

A good mascara offers you a good stay on period and nourishment to the lashes. The test of a good eye-make up is that it does last the 8hrs + commute time.

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