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 Amazing Arabic designs that you should not miss..

Amazing Arabic designs that you should not miss

Amazing Arabic designs that you should not miss

Mehndi, called as the contemporary and temporary tattoo art in the modern language is associated with the life of the people since several centuries. The evolution of mankind with state-of-the art inventions and advancements has made revolution in the fashion world. Mehndi, undoubtedly a part of the tradition as well as the contemporary fashion world has evolved with numerous styles and designs. One such interesting, complicated and amazing style of mehndi is called Arabic Mehndi.


Arabic mehndi designs can be described very simply and is nothing but drawing the beautiful patterns of flowers and floral designs. Yet, it is not simple as it is defined. The elegant mehndi design is very diverse, complicated, comprehensive and artistic. In spite of the complicated mehndi patterns, Arabic mehndi designs are indeed greatly popular and invariably preferred by teens and young girls. The uniqueness and specialty of the Arabic mehndi designs is its diversity and unlimited options to explore. It can be called as an exotic creative art. It can also be termed as the height of creativity.


The typical and simple pattern of the Arabic mehndi designs generally consists of the floral designs with open spaces, joined with leaflets. The floral mehndi patterns for hands undoubtedly add a lot of grace and feminity to the beautiful hands. Eventually, there is no doubt that the beauty and charming designs is loved by everybody.


The intricateness of the Arabic mehndi designs are expressed through drawing very thin designs and thick designs using the same henna cone. The differences in the floral patterns are marked by the thick, medium and thin lines and the beauty, life and creativeness of the Arabic designs lies in this.


Flowers, buds, leaves and vines are differently marked with varied thickness mehndi and it actually gives a natural look to your hands. For instance, the vines of the flowers carry very thin line and the flower itself carries a thick line. This is where the Arabic mehndi design is well differentiated from other designs.


Also, another specialty about mehndi designs is, it does not cover entire hand and run though the elbows and shoulders. The floral mehndi patterns for hands are limited to a single finger, running until the wrist. It appears like a beautiful bunch of flowers with leaflets.


Generally, the pointing finger is used to start with the design and is continued until palm or wrist. The floral mehndi patters are drawn in the middle of the hands. The amazing Arabic design in the middle of the hand with empty space in other parts of the hand, adds to the elegance enhances the beauty of the hands.


Another mehndi pattern preferred by girls while creating Arabic mehndi design is drawing the floral patterns is drawing the floral patterns in all fingers and corners of the palm connecting with each, leaving the centre of the palm empty. Alternatively, the thumb is engraved with detailed patterns running down to the middle of the palm.


These are the three common patterns of Arabic mehndi designs customized to bring out the creativity to the core. As told earlier, drawing the Arabic designs, just the simple floral designs are very hard. It needs lot of practice and expertise. Yet, you can simply master the art of Arabic designs by practice.

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