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 Best face cream for Indian skin..

Best face cream for Indian skin

Best face cream for Indian skin

Not just the modern women in India, living now in the contemporary world are concerned about the skin beauty. Beauty and women are something that is almost indivisible. Ancient Indian women have used several natural beauty products and topical ingredients to maintain a flawless and radiant skin.


The beauty of the Indian skin is its duskiness. Definitely, the dusky beauty is sexy over the white beauty. Skin tone has nothing do with beauty and it’s all about clarity, plumpness, radiant and health. Yet, lately, almost the cosmetic industry is hoarded with tons of beauty creams. It is very hard to find the best face pack or best face cream that gives you an unblemished skin. Indians, specifically teen girls and young women are very much obsessed with beauty products, specifically fairness creams and face creams. To no surprise, cosmetic market is loaded with hundreds of face creams, of which more than 50 percent are harmful to skin and affect the skin health in a long run. So, what is the best face cream for Indian skin? Best face cream actually varies with the blend of ingredients and purpose met by the cream.


Among the numerous face cream available, the top branded creams are always high in quality. It includes Olay 7 – 1 cream, Olay skin whitening cream, lakme face wash, garnier 3 in 1 face wash, Revlon, loreal skin repair and ponds face wash, ponds fairness cream.


Olay creams contain the SPF protection factor and it protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun. Olay skin care products consists of minerals and natural ingredients, which address the aging signs of the skin and helps getting the unblemished and younger skin. Also, Olay skin whitening cream lightens the skin tone and is ideal for the dark, uneven and broken skin. It is also a good face cream for sun burned or sun damaged skin.


Garnier 3 in 1 face wash is yet another best face cream to use. The 3 in 1 cream act as the best face wash, face pack and face cream. It cleanses the skin, clear up the pores in the skin and moisturizes the skin. It is a multi-functional cream that rejuvenates and nourishes the skin towards getting the flawless skin. Similarly, loreal skin repair cream and Revlon face cream gives sun protection as it contains the SPF 15 factors.


Garnier has definitely gained fame even among the men for introducing the exclusive men’s fairness cream. While it is not sure that the garnier men face wash or garnier face cream really works to lighten the skin tone, it definitely gives a much fresher and brighter look.


In addition to these, a sunscreen is a must to use for everyone. There is a common misbelief that sunscreen is to be used to get prevention from sun rays. It is wrong and the sunscreen should be used to protect the sun from humid weather, dry wind and extremely cold season. Rather, it should be used daily to give protection to skin because UV rays revolve around even the weather is not too hot. Neutrogena sunscreen is the best sunscreen for the getting ultimate protection to the sun.


Skin cream for each skin type varies and it is ideal to choose the best face cream based on the requirements of the skin.






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0 #2 Super User 2013-02-16 07:31
thx for your lovely comments anu :)
+2 #1 Anu 2013-01-04 08:56
it was a nice suggestion. I read and purchased Neutrogena sunscreen and could feel the difference.
Like to know more about winter care especially for hands.
the good tip gives a smile on women face which make her look more beautiful. :-)

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