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 Mac Lipstick..

Mac Lipstick


Product Description:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.



Apply it on the dry or wet lips.


Price and Quantity:

Rs. 990/- 3 gms


Shelf Life:

36 months.



6 to 8 hours



Comes in a classic and attractive Mac packing. Black cardboard box carries the printed white letters and internal silver matte case. Bullet is stored in the black case inside the silver case.


Colour & Texture pigmentation:

Looks glossy in a nice creamy smooth texture. Glides smoothly on the lips.


Experience with this product:

Nothing could be more better than the beautiful look!

Mac Lipstick – the name is quite appealing! There are almost hundreds of shades to choose from. Each shade has its own classiness and looks exsquisite. The super tinted colors has the natural gloss and cover up the dry and cracked lips. Lips become more softer. The lipstick never dried the lips nor it looks too juicy. You could add lip balm or extra gloss to make your lips juicy! Definitely I should tell about the fragrance! Not many lipstick brands have a nice smell, some carry awkward fragrance. Mac is delicious! You can get a quick fix with the Mac lipstick alone! It compliments your beauty and looks amazing even with no makeup or neutral shades of makeup. Unbelievable.


What we love about this product!


  • Glides evenly on the lips and spreads evenly

  • Carries a very soft texture

  • Does not bleed from the lips

  • Stays around 5 hours without getting faded

  • Fades away evenly without creating any odd look

  • Lips look plump, fuller and beautiful

  • Plenty of shades to choose from

  • Great fragrance with longer effect

  • Gives matte finish to the lips

  • No need for additional makeup when you wear Mac lipstick and looks gorgeous with nude makeup

  • Looks great even on pigmented skin

  • Just like any lipstick, it is handy to carry


What we think us turn off!


  • Price is the alarming factor – However it is MAC.. Not affordable by everyone

  • Availability in India is debatable

  • May not be suitable for daily wear – expensive!!


Would we repeat?

Yes! Certainly for the brand name, quality and the finish!


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