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 How to be pretty in 30 minutes..

How to be pretty in 30 minutes


Are you the one looking for some beauty tips to get an image makeover in a short time? Groom yourself easily with the following beauty tips. Not everyone has sufficient time to groom and enhance the beauty. How to be pretty in 30 minutes or even in a short time is the major concern for many women, who wants to get a gorgeous flash on their image. In a hurry for a party with no time to beautify yourself?  Needless to worry about the insufficient time. Here are the simple tips on how to be pretty in 30 minutes and enhance your beauty on the go.

Check your hair

You cannot plan for a hairdo if you want to be pretty in 30 minutes. Don’t hesitate to sacrifice the length of the hair to get rid of the split ends. If you feel that the hair looks greasy and shabby, just go with a ponytail or a hair bun. Accessorize your hair to hide the flaws. However, remember to use the right hair accessories and make it minimal.

Ensure that your nails doesn’t ruin the beauty

Hands are obviously watched by everyone and you should pay more care and attention to the nails. Not many bother about beautifying the nails, which has considerable responsibility in enhancing or spoiling the beauty. Needless to worry about the time constraint to get your nails beautified with some nail art forms, you can give an image makeover to the nails. Ensure to remove the nail polish from the nails if it is chipped or uneven, cut the length of uneven nails and file the cuticles. Dip your hands in warm water. Apply the nail polish in the natural colour or the colour that match your outfit.

Get your skin glow in 10 minutes

How to pretty in a short time is incomplete if you don’t care about your facial skin. Want to get a glowing skin in no time? Apply the egg white into the face and wash it off after 10 minutes. You will find the miraculous glowing on the facial skin. Egg whites not just glows your skin but also diminishes the blemishes and remove the excessive oil from the skin.

Scrub your face with ice cubes

Scrub the ice wrapped in a soft cloth or cotton on your face. Ice scrub fixes the acne scars and blemishes on the face, and gives a fresher look. If you wish to apply makeup, scrub with face with ice, which helps the makeup lasts for a long time with a glow.

Eyes and lips

Either you have sufficient time or shortage of time, all you need to care about your eyes and lips to get pretty in no time. Apply mascara to the eyes and blush up your lips with lip gloss. It gives you a flash to get gorgeous.

Get perfumed

Lastly, get perfumed with your favourite order. You will obviously have a prettier feeling when you are perfumed.

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