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 Everything about Hair Loss..

Everything about Hair Loss

Hair Loss is the most common problem both in case of men and women and it affects more then you grow. There are various reasons why hairs become weak and they start falling at certain age. However with proper treatment one can get rid off from the hair loss issue. Here are some of the common FAQs which will not only provide you the reason of the hair loss but will also provide you the steps and adequate measures to get rid off from the hair loss problem. What causes losing of hair? Hair loss can be an attribute which can happen due to many reasons and frankly speaking the reasons are not limited to the mentioned below. Below are some of the very common reasons which came out as the result of a survey of 1000. Stress and emotional pressure is one of the major reasons of the hair loss. It happens when you are working for longer runs and hours or you are under going through emotional trauma like family pressure, couple fighting for the peace, domestic violence and other stressful reasons. • Medical causes • Reaction to any medication • Genetic factors How you will come to know, what the cause of your hair loss is. Well the first and the most important thing which can provide you the answer to this question is the self examine. You need to figure out the stress you are taking, the working hours, your sleeping hours, your daily routine, the hair care products which you are using, the medication you are taking for certain reasons and also the genetic factor which could also be responsible for the hair loss. First and foremost, examine your life. Hair loss usually has a definitive cause, such as going through the menopause or taking new medication. If there is anything different from the way your life usually is, this could be causing hair loss. In majority of cases, improper care on hair with wrong choice of hair care products becomes the major cause of hair loss. For instance, choosing the oil based shampoos for oily hair. Also, drying your hair with a hair dryer never cause hair loss, but extremely blowing your hair with the dryer becomes worse. Can the use of hair dryer, shampoo and other tools are also responsible for the hair loss Well, I would say many people are having big myth that they lose hairs due to bad shampoo, use of hair dryers and other tools. These things do effect when they are used extensively, however the normal use of them do not affect the hair and they are not responsible for the damage hairs. How can my hair be healthy and how can the hair loss be stopped? As said, the hair loss is not due to the use of shampoo, dryer or any other equipment, you need to follow the very deterministic approach, according to which you need to bring change in your daily routine. You need to avoid the severe conditions which cause the hair loss and fall. You need to avoid the stress and also the emotional traumatic conditions. Also have to eat Vitamin A and B, have to use shampoo and products which can support the good health of your hairs and can also provide the proper nourishment.
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