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 The perfect diet for hair growth..

The perfect diet for hair growth

Everyone is experience mild to severe hair loss at some point of time in their life.
Hair loss is becoming a more common troubling condition, ruining the beauty.
Obsessed by the colourful cosmetic hair growth products and expensive hair growth treatments, many people end up with losing money with no satisfying result.
Any type of hair problem can be controlled with proper diet, except for the extreme cases like hair loss due to cancer.
Not everyone is aware about the fact that the food we miss or avoid can affect the hair extensively.
A well-balanced and high nutritious diet is the perfect option for hair growth. Well, it is very clear that for hair growth, eating the nutritious and balanced diet is just perfect.
What is a perfect diet for hair growth? There is no exclusive diet for hair growth;
rather you can change your diet chart with the super foods that promotes hair growth.
Eat a good amount of protein rich foods during the breakfast.
Eggs are the richest source of protein and proteins prevent the damages and breakages.
If you are allergic to eggs, eat handful of boiled chick pea (Channa dal) and whole nuts.
Switch over to cottage cheese from chest to garnish your sandwich.
Drink a lot.
Just like the body need hydration, the scalp needs the moisture and should stay hydrated to stimulate the hair growth.
Dryness of the scalp weakens the roots and increases the hair loss.
Drink water, juices, coffee, milk, etc to stay hydrated.
However, avoid taking alcohol and carbonated drinks.
Indulge in some dark chocolates.
There is a misconception that eating chocolates gain you weight, which is absurd.
Dark chocolates are loaded with antioxidants and it is a stress reliever.
The antioxidants help the roots and cells of the hair to stay young and strong, which aids to hair growth.
Eat citrus fruits or citrus fruit juices.
Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which is essential for healthy and glowing skin.
The healthy and glowing skin in turn gives the healthy, strong and glowing hair. Lemon juice, orange juice, tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries, etc are rich in Vitamin C.
Get the essential fatty acids for hair growth from Salmon and fish foods.
Veggies can obtain the required fatty acids from soy products.
Cook your meal with olive oil. Olive oil not just caters to the healthy cardiac system, but also assist in hair growth, as it contains vitamin E.
Avocado, also called as butter fruit is the must to have fruit in your hair growth diet. It is called as the super food for healthy hair as it contains loads of biotin, the essential vitamin for a healthy and strong hair.
Here is the list of top foods for hair growth that you should never miss:
Almonds Avacado Soya Orange Green Tea Salmon Milk Spinach Eggs Dates Foods to avoid:
Excessive salt and sugar Carbonated rinks Alcohol Fried meat Fatty foods A quick look into dietary changes for hair growth:
Eats lot of protein - Or simply eat a cup of yogurt (choose from the array of delicious flavour with choice of fruits) to get proteins. Stay hydrated with more drinks and liquids Don’t worry about snacking,
but snack on whole nuts,
like almonds,
etc and dark chocolates Eat atleast one fruit a day.
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