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 Best Ways to Lose Fat..

Best Ways to Lose Fat

7 ways to lose the body fat
Banishing the belly fat, bulgy thighs and excess ponds is one such major concern troubles everyone,
making a shabby appearance on them.
Shedding those extra pounds sometimes becomes more difficult even after trying some workout routines or resorting to a weight loss diet.
How to lose the body fat, and get back the curvaceous figure? While workouts, fitness routine, hitting the gym for hours, etc may not be possible for everyone, losing the body fat is all about the matter of increasing the metabolism of the body, calorie intake, overcoming stress and foods what we eat.
These are the seven simple ways that concentrates on these four aspects, which aids in losing the body fat
. Go Nuts
Nuts, specifically, almonds and walnuts are the women-friendly foods that bring an array of benefits to the health. Almonds and walnuts, with healthy fat make no harm to the body rather than reducing the bulges of belly by reducing the hunger for foods.
Almonds and walnuts are also rich in minerals, which absorbs the fat calories settled in your belly.
Eating around 15 - 20 almonds a day keeps your stomach full without depriving the energy and increasing the calorie count.
How it works? It keeps the stomach fuller and cut down the carvings for foods.
Reduced intake of food means low calorie.
Tips: Say a strict no to roasted or salted nuts temptingly available in the grocery shop and cashew nuts.
Eat negative calorie foods
Negative calorie foods are nothing but the foods that needs more energy to get it digested. Cabbage, broccoli, lemon, lettuce, grapes, etc needs more energy for digestion. Would you not love eating the sweet and tasty apples to cut down your belly fat quickly? Yes, Apple falls under the category of negative calorie foods, which needs the body to spend more calories for digestion.
How it works? It speeds up the metabolism more energy is spent to digest the negative calorie foods.
Tips: You can add one portion of negative calorie food (any fruit or veggie) in all meals. Don’t forget to eat apples!
Eat more
Surprising isn’t it? Yes, when it comes to losing body fat, the very first thing you should avoid, avoiding the meal. Rather, eat more! Limit your portions and quantity of meals and take 5 – 7 portions of meals every day, rather than taking 3 big meals.
Indulge on nuts rather than munching on high calorie snacks.
Drink ice cold water:
Hang on taking cold water rather than warm or hot water that melt away the body fat.
You can burn calories like nothing just with ice cold water.
When you drink ice cold water, the temperature of the body gets increased, along with an increase in metabolism of the body. The body raises the temperature of the cold water to match with the body temperature, which is done with burning calories.
If you drink 8 glasses of ice cold water a day, you can burn around 100 calories per day.
How it helps to shed the body fat: Burn calories and increases the metabolism of the body Tips: Start the day with drinking two glasses of ice cold water in an empty stomach for better results Forget about exercises and strenuous workouts:
Almost everyone believes that the body fat can be melted only with hardcore workouts and fitness exercises.
Just by making very simple modifications in the daily habits or lifestyle, you can get the beautifully toned body with no extra fat.
Don’t think about visiting the gym or getting membership at a fitness centre with the objective to lose body fat by working out for hours.
It definitely increases the stress level, which is the major fact that can affect the weight loss regime.
De-stressing yourself is the most important fact that can help to lose the body fat.
Make the physical activities fun and entertaining:
While it is said that there is no requirement for exercises and fitness workouts, you have the requirement to get involved in some physical activities.
Mobbing the floor, climbing the stairs up and down without using the elevator, walking, etc can be the very simple activities that help you stay toned with great physique. Make yourself involved in some fun and entertaining physical activities.
For instance, if you love dance, make it a part of your fitness routine. If you love nature, involve in some gardening work, plant your own garden.
How it works? Involving in any physical activity that you love helps de-stress yourself and burn more calories. Also, these activities speed up the metabolism which melts the body fat.
Food before bed – A big NO
Eating before sleeping is the major culprit that adds to the body fat. Never ever go to bed just after finishing off your meals.
Eat your food at least one hour before you go to bed. It’s good to have an apple in your supper.
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