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 Tips for Waxing..

Tips for Waxing

Tips and Tricks: Pre and Post Care for Underarm Waxing 


There are three popular ways for removing body hairs, they are shaving, waxing or using hair removal crèmes. Among these three, waxing is most popular as it keeps the unwanted body hairs away for at least two to six whole weeks and gives our skin the shiny and clean effect that we desire for.

Underarms are one of the most sensitive areas of our skin and we need to take extra care while removing the underarm hairs through waxing process. Here are some pre and post care tips for underarm waxing that you must follow to get a clean wax without leaving any skin irritations.


Pre Care for Underarm Waxing


The waxing process involves uprooting the hair follicles from its root which can cause a bit of pain and irritation. 

Here are some vital pre care tips, following which your sensitive underarms are going to get least affected by waxing:

  • Do Not Use Deodorants: Deodorants contains a lit bit of alcohol which can trigger skin irritation and inflammation. So do not use deodorants before going or just after waxing your underarms.
  • Softening the Hair Follicles: There are two possible ways for softening the hair follicles of the underarm areas which make it easier to remove the hair follicles from its root. Firstly, you can treat the sensitive underarms with anti wrinkle or soothing aloe crème to soften the hair follicles which ensure easy removal of the unwanted hairs. Secondly, you can also soak the armpits in warm water as that will soften the hairs and open skin pores, making it easier and thus making the waxing process less painful.
  • Length of Hair: Length of the hairs is also an important factor while waxing the underarms. The hair should not be too short or too long as in both cases it will make the process painful. If the length of the hair is short, then it will be difficult to get a strong grip over the short hair follicles while removing them with waxing strips and thus resulting in patchy hair removal. Whereas, if the hairs too long then the process will be too painful. So cut them into half an inch length and thereafter wax the underarms.
  • Keep it Dry: Make sure your armpits are absolutely dry before applying the wax on the underarms as it will ensure better grip on the hair follicles.
  • The Correct Procedure: To get the best effect and make the process absolutely painless, make sure to follow the right waxing process. Always apply the wax in the direction of the hairs and quickly remove the hard waxing strip on the opposite direction to get the best effect. It is best to opt for a professional beautician who has the expertise to wax your underarms with skill so that it would be less painful.


Post Care for Underarm Waxing


Once you waxed your underarms you might see that the waxed area has become red or there are some skin irritations on that area. Here are some ways to deal with the problem:

  • Ice Compression: Dab the affected area with ice as it helps dealing with skin irritations, redness and rashes.
  • Soothing Crème: Apply a soothing crème in the affected area as it will help in keeping the armpits cool and supress irritations.
  • Keep Away from Sunlight: After waxing, the armpits must not be exposed to sunlight as it is one of the potential causes of skin irritations.
  • Apply Moisturizer: Lather the armpits with sufficient amount of moisturizer, preferably the ones that have anti wrinkle properties. These moisturizers contain essential ingredients that help in repairing the skin damages at the earliest.


These are some of the pre and post care for underarm waxing that you must follow to prevent skin irritations, redness and other common after effects of waxing underarms. Keep these in mind to make the waxing procedure painless and absolutely trouble free.

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The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

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