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Baby boomer skin refers to the skin of the people in their 40s and 50s. Baby boomers are affected by the aging signs and aging spots. The aging of skin is shown through wrinkles around the eyes, puffy eyes, crow feet, nasolabial folds, brown spots, sagged skin, etc. The skin loses the collagen, which gives the elasticity. Take good time to focus on the skin care routine to control and troubleshoot the aging spots and aggravation of aging signs. The three important things you should follow is get ultimate sun protection to your skin, moisturize the skin and use the skin care products containing salicylic acid. Also, you can use retinoid to prevent further development of aging signs.

Tretinoin has powerful elements to treat the aging spots. Use the tretinion gel to enhance the turnover of cellular. Also, it peels the aging spots and gives protection to your skin by preventing the growth of new spots or aging signs. Regular use of tretinoin gel for a month can dramatically lighten and remove the aging spots from your face and get the younger look. Further, you can also use the Glycolic acid which exfoliates the skin to the core and bring the hidden freshness and younger skin.

There are numerous types of dark spots that can affect your skin. And most of the dark spots are preventable. Some of the dark spots may arise due to acne scars, marks of injuries, sun exposure, exposure to any radiation, etc. Using the sun screen is the best and most effective one to prevent the dark spots. Get the sunscreen having the SPF 15 and above. Use the sun screen atleast two times a day and atleast 15 minutes before you move out. Also, you can use the skin lightening creams containing the Hydroquinone. It contains the vitamins and minerals, which brightens your skin and treats the dark spots.

Sun tan can be removed easily with skin nourishing or rejuvenating cream. Get a rejuvenation skin cream that contains the glycolic peel. Also, use the moisturizing based cleanser and toner to prepare your skin. Aging and tanning beds can be removed with no traces using the Vitamin C products and molecular retinol products. Avoid going out in the sun without wearing sun screen or sun block.

Toner is generally used to tone the skin to perfection, which removes the residues of the skin. Toner helps maintaining the perfect and natural pH levels. Cleansing the skin may result with remnants of the skin and it is removed by toners. Moreover, if you use soap to wash the face, you should make sure use the skin toner because soaps contains more alkaline, which could possibly damage the skin.  For Aging skin, toner is a must to use to get rid of the aging spots and signs.

Well stage makeup is heavier and there are many factors which make you look appealing in the stage makeup. Stage makeup is usually heavy and it is applied in such a way that even from the distance it looks intense and bright to the audience and on camera. Such kind of heavy makeup doesn’t suits for the everyday routine or for the casual events. Stage makeup is usually for actors, stage performers and for the brides. Yet, the brides prefer getting the natural look with neutral makeup.

Wedding makeup is very unique from other makeup routine. To stay fresh with makeup until the last flash on your wedding, choose the gel based or moisture based cosmetics to stay long. Get a high quality primer applied on your face before you start with foundation. Foundation and subsequent cosmetics lasts long without any tarnish with primer as the base.

Definitely, heavy makeup gives an odd and wild look even on photographs. Also, you will have a look like a “painted doll” in reality with heavy makeup. Heavy makeup is really no necessary for getting the great look in photographs.  At the same time, too little makeup makes your look dull and uninteresting. Choose the cosmetic shades matching your skin tone and skin type and keep everything at neutral l to get the appealing look.

Exfoliate 1 to 3 times a week, cleanse and tone your skin daily, use a moisturizer or a skin serum every day, apply the eye cream or gel, get the lips hydrated with lip balm, remove the skin tan, get a fruit therapy or eat lots of fruits for rejuvenating and nourishing the skin. And get plenty of rest and sleep. And don’t do anything before a week before wedding. A strict no to bleaching, chemical peels, dermabrasion or any other skin treatment before 2 weeks of wedding.

Use the mineral makeup products to contain the sweat. Mineral cosmetics contain the purest form of minerals with inbuilt sun block, which are resistant to sweat. It gives a more natural look with makeup. Also, it will not clog the minute pores of the skin and never gives a sensation of having the heavy makeup. From foundation to highlighter, use the mineral products and don’t worry about excessive sweating.